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Check the charging status of Stador T69 earbuds

Put the earbuds into the charging case,  you will see the LED bars on either side of the numbers light up,the earbuds will enter charging mode.
Close the lid, the earbuds will power off automatically and keep charging. You will see the led bars on the charging case flash from the 1st grid to the 4th grid repeatly when charging, and then the led display will go off in 10s.
Generally,the earbuds will be fully charged in 2 hours.

Please Note:
1. The numbers on the case show the battery power level of the case,not the earbuds.
If you want to check how many percentage of the earbuds remains, please connect the earbuds with your phone, and check the earbuds battery power in the bluetooth setting.
2. If the earbuds can't be charged in the case although the charging case has enough power, you can handle this problem by using alcohol rag/ cotton swabs to clean the magnet pins connector on earbuds and charging case.

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