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Can these T69 earbuds pair to two phones at once?

Generally, the two earbuds also can be used alone in two different phones at the
 same time,like you have two completely separate
ear phones. If each earbud is connected to different phones, the earbud is in mono mode / single mode.
Just make sure two earbuds are over 10 meters/30ft apart before connecting them to your two different phones. 
For example: before connection, the distance between the left and the right earbuds is over 10meters, phone A stays with the left earbud, and phone B stays with the right earbud.

After the connection is successful,even if the two earbuds are close together,they will not interfere with each other. The left earbud is still connected to phone A, the right earbud is still connected to phone B. But there is one exception, at this time , if both earbuds are near to each other again, you put one earbud into the charging case then take it out again, both earbuds will get paired with each other and connect to the same phone. For example, put the left into the charging case, then take it out, the left earbud will pair with the right earbud immediately and then connect to phone B.

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