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When should I reset the T69 earbuds? and How to reset?

You can try to reset your earbuds when you have similar issues as belows:
1.When only one side of the earbuds play music.
2.When you can't make the two earbuds work together.
3.When both of the earbuds fail to pair with each other or other connections issues,etc.
Reset Method:
1.Delete "T69" from the Bluetooth list on your phone and turn the Bluetooth off.
2.Take out the two earbuds from the charging case,wait until one of the earbuds flashes red and blue alternately and another flashes blue slowly.
3.Tap the control area of either earbud 6 times quickly, the earbuds will turn off with 
voice prompt"power off". Reset done.
4.Put the earbuds back into the charging case,wait several seconds,and take them out again.Then turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and find the "T69" to connect.
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