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If the earbuds are not in the charging case, press and hold each earbud for 3 seconds.... View More>>
When you reset your T69 earbuds, previously paired devices and settings will be cleared. ... View More>>
If you want to check how many battery of the earbud remains, you can check it on your iphone.... View More>>
Connect the T69 earbuds to your smartphone, there are two ways to see the battery level of your bluetooth device. ... View More>>
Hi put the earbuds into the charging case, the earbuds will power off automatically, and enter charging mode.... View More>>
Both of earbuds / one side of earbuds stopped responding or won't charge properly in the case.... View More>>
There may exist some interferences of strong wireless signals around it, or distance.... View More>>
The led digital display indicates the charging % of the case, not the earbuds. For the earbuds, the led bars on both sides of the digital only indicate that the earbuds are charging or not.... View More>>
Generally,the two earbuds also can be used alone in two different phones at the
 same time,like you have two completely separate
earphones.Just make sure two earbuds are over 10 meters apart before connecting them to your two different phones.... View More>>
You can try to reset your earbuds when you have similar issues as belows:... View More>>
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